We accelerate your progress

Do you want your products not just be good, but outstanding? Do you want to avoid fall into "common feeling" zone? You are in the right place. All the codings are done by our own team, not outsourcing, not compromise.

We develop online
products on the web

Website Relaunch

We define your vision, strategy, goals for Chinese market, plan your content strategy, build your new weapon, and relaunch your rocket.

Mobile APP

We code in the most advanced technologies, we don’t keep your users waiting.

Online Shops

We are not just making an amazing first impression of your online shop to your audience, but also provide a better shopping experiences to them, no matter they are in Europe or China.

Web based application

We always create clear specifications, and we get something out fast, with our multiple platforms or frameworks experiences, we are very glad to talk with your CTO for what your enterprise need.

Platform intergration

CRM/ERP integration, entitlement allocation and validation, single sign-on, hosting of data files.

WeChat Apps

The most popular mobile social media platform in China, also a powerful E-Commerce platform for your business.

We work with modern tools



    SK-TECH GmbH
    • Alibaba GSM services
    • E-Commerce consulting
  • EETY

    Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH
    • Website Localization
    • E-Commerce consulting
  • S-A-M

    Sport Aktiv Managment GmbH & Co KG
    • E-Commerce consulting
    • Website relaunch
    • Chinese payment solution
    • WeChat apps
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